ONLY $175

     Di Cocco Bouncy Castle Rentals        


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1.  Question:  How much are the rentals?
      Answer:      $175

2.  Question:  How long are there rentals for?
      Answer:  Rentals are up to 8 hour blocks 

3. Question:  Can I keep the bouncer overnight?
     Answer:  Extended hours are permitted at an extra fee if the bouncer is available

3.  Question:  Do you deliver?
      Answer:  Yes, deliver charge includes set-up and take-down.  $50 fee within a 30km radius.  Extra deliver fee will be added          at $1 per km if out of area.

5.  Question:  Is there a deposit required?
      Answer:  No, there is no deposit to book the bouncer, however, there is a $50 cleaning deposit due at pick-up.  
                     (This will be returned to you at drop-off assuming the bouncer is brought back in the same condition as
                      when it was picked-up)
                     Bouncer must be returned dry.  If it is returned wet, your cleaning deposit will not be refunded.

6.  Question:  What happens if the bouncer breaks while it is in my care?
      Answer:  We inspect our bouncers after each rental to ensure that they are ready for next use.  You will be held responsible 
                     for repairs if the bouncer is damaged while in your care.  If the bouncer is damaged beyond repair, you will be                               responsible for a replacement.  

7.  Question:  Is there a rental agreement I will need to sign?
      Answer:  Yes, there is a rental agreement that you will have to sign at pick-up.  You will have ample time to read the                                     agreement at pick-up.

8.  Question:  Do I need to show I.D.?
     Answer:  Yes, we will take a photo copy of your driver's license at pick-up. 

9.  Question:  Is there a cancellation fee?
      Answer:  No, there is no cancellation fee, however, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to                           cancel so that we may rent the bouncer to someone else.

10.  Question:  Are the bouncers cleaned regularly?
      Answer:  Yes, our bouncers are always cleaned and sanitized before every rental.

11.  Question:  What power source do I need for the bouncer?
       Answer:  We provide a blower for the bouncer which requires a power outlet.

12.    Question:  How long does it take to inflate?
          Answer:  The bouncer takes approx. 1 min to inflate.  We will show you how to set up the bouncer at pick-up.

13.    Question:  Is it difficult to set-up myself?
          Answer:  No, the bouncer is very simple to set up.  The entire process takes less than 15 min.

14.  Question:  What type of vehicle do I need to pick it up?
        Answer:  You will need a hatch back or truck to pick up the bouncer.  It will not fit in a regular size car trunk.